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Somalia's Struggle To End Tradition Of Female Genital Mutilation
Somalis Fear Adverse Impact On Healthcare After MSF Pullout
South Africa pushes mothers to serve as human incubators for preterm babies.
Stem Cell "Major Discovery" Claimed
Study Confirms Male Circumcision is Genital Mutilation
Super-Bug Bacteria Infection Rate Drops 70% In Israel
'Super growth' chickens enter China's fast food restaurants - state media
Suspected Vaccine-Related Deaths In China Rise To 8
Symptoms Of Cancer And How Detecting Them Early Can Help
Taking a Stand Against Heart Disease
Taste Simulator To Jolt Damaged Taste Buds Into Life
Teenager’s stomach removed after ingesting liquid nitrogen cocktail
Texas health care worker tests positive for Ebola
Thai malaria clinics on alert for drug resistance strain
The Benefits of Herbal Medicine
The chubby girl from Ipanema? Brazil puts on weight
The More Times a Woman Gives Birth, the Higher Her Risk of Rare but Aggressive 'Triple-Negative' Breast Cancer
The Real Meaning of Obesity
Turkey's first face transplant recipient revealed
Turkish Womb Transplant Patient Is Pregnant
Two Americans And A German Win 2013 Nobel Prize For Medicine And Physiology
Uganda says avoid hand shakes as Ebola returns
UK Delays Decision On Cigarette Branding Ban
UK Finds Traces Of Pork In Halal Prison Food
UK Moving Toward Three-Person IVF
UK's first hand transplant operation
Ultra-Thin Circuits Could Pave Way For 'Smart' Contact Lens
Unclear Yet If Crucial Overhaul Of Obamacare Website A Success
Understanding Schizophrenia - History Origination and Meaning
U.S. Baby's HIV Infection Cured Through Very Early Treatment
U.S. health officials identify more cases of rare meningitis
U.S. hit by flu epidemic
Using Amphetamines May Increase Risk of Parkinson's Disease
Venezuela Considers Taking Bottles From Babies' Mouths
Vermont Woman, Burned With Lye, Reveals New Post-Transplant Face
Vomiting Larry goes viral in the name of science
What About Us? The State of Women's Sexual Health in Question
What Causes Knuckles To Making Popping Sounds?
WHO says cell phone use "possibly carcinogenic"
Who's Minding the DRUG Store?
Why Are Online Entrepreneurs Getting Fat?
Why Psychologists Use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - What is it and Who Benefits?
Will New Year's Eve Revelers Make Merry In Your Medicine Cabinet?
Woman born tongueless receives groundbreaking treatment in Brazil
Womb with a view shows unique slice of twins' life
World AIDS Day, From Africa To Australia
World's First Leadless Pacemaker Approved For Use In Europe
Xenotransplantation - China Succeeds In Liver Transplant From Pig To Monkey
Zebra For Dogs Can Cure Pet Allergies Says German Butcher
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