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World AIDS Day, From Africa To Australia

posted 1 Dec 2013, 09:13 by Mpelembe   [ updated 1 Dec 2013, 09:14 ]


NVO -  World AIDS Day is observed from Africa to Australia.

In Nigeria, former players from the national team joined a football game, with the theme "Play to Zero".

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As part of the UNAIDS strategy, the global World Aids Day theme for 2013 "Getting to Zero" aims to see a world with zero new HIV infections, and zero AIDS-related deaths.

Around 3.4 million people in Nigeria are living with HIV/AIDS. Organisers set up a testing center near the pitch, and encouraged locals to get examined.

In eastern India, a candlelight march aims to raise awareness. A doctor in Tripura says nearby states are determined to be at high risk for AIDS.

Early in the millennium, India was on the verge of becoming a hotbed for HIV infections but timely intervention has arrested the freefall.

This year, the number of newly infected was reduced by 57 percent, an AIDS control agency said.

In MelbourneAustralia, Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi launched a Zero Discrimination campaign.


"I do not think there is any human being in this world who is born undesirable or inferior. It's behaviour, this is why I say I cannot accept that HIV, AIDS has to do with behaviour. It's behaviour in the sense of cruelty, in the sense of lacking of understanding, in the sense of discriminating against others, that is unacceptable in our world."

In Sydney, a concert for AIDS awareness.

Some of the world's most known DJ's for electronic dance music supported a new album whose proceeds will go towards AIDS prevention.