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Why Are Online Entrepreneurs Getting Fat?

posted 20 Dec 2010, 14:45 by Mpelembe   [ updated 20 Dec 2010, 14:46 ]

Being online entrepreneurs, it is easy to pick up weight, as
we don't do much physical activity while doing our sitting
time.  It is also so much easier to munch on junk food than
to get time to cook up something healthy.

There is an obesity epidemic worldwide, simple because there
is a disturbance in our energy balance.  We all tend to eat
way more than we actually need, and the excess kilojoules
all turn into fat.

People are also lazier than ever to exercise, due the fact
that everything is easier, and time saving devices make us
all take the line of the least resistance.  For instance we
use a lift or escalator instead of climbing the steps, and
drive rather than walk.

For online entrepreneurs, the kilo's can pile on quickly if
you are not careful.  Sitting working in front of your
computer day in and day out does nothing to help you manage
your weight, and being online entrepreneurs, you always sit
there longer than you should.  It is essential to take time
out each day to exercise.  Give yourself a break every hour
and do something active for a few minutes.  Make sure you
also schedule in some exercise time for yourself each day.

Due to our inactivity, it is getting harder to lose weight
and keep it off through diet alone.  To achieve this you
must raise your activity levels.  The good news is that you
don't have to run for hours or swim across oceans to get to
your ideal weight.  By making small changes in your
lifestyle, you can achieve a lot.

Firstly, you need to start by getting more active.  You can
achieve this by taking a brisk walk to work, or taking the
stairs to your office instead of the lift.  Housework and
gardening also burn a lot of kilojoules.  Try taking your
best friend (your dog) for a walk every day.  Try dusting
off your old bicycle and cycle for thirty minutes at least
three times a week.

Whatever you do, make sure the exercise that you do  is
something that you enjoy.  Take your family out for a game
of tennis or action cricket.  The secret is to try and exert
yourself enough to raise your heart rate.  If you do this you
will improve your circulation, stimulate your metabolism and
in this way burn extra kilojoules for up to 24 hours after
you have exercised.

If you need to lose weight, work up to an hour of brisk
walking three to four times a week.  You can supplement this
with some weight training to build strong muscles and keep
your metabolic rate up.

Start off slowly with your new exercise routine, because if
you are overly ambitious, you will have very sore muscles
and be tempted to give up too soon.

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