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The Real Meaning of Obesity

posted 13 Dec 2010, 12:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Dec 2010, 12:44 ]

Obesity is a serious medical condition, in which in the
latest survey the figure has already reach up to 140
million. Some of its risk factors are sedentary lifestyle,
genetics, and if there's a family member who is obese. We
may tend to look at it as just another weight issue, but the
truth is it's very serious and can be life threatening. So
before we go on further, let's try to understand first the
meaning of obesity and the impact it has on our everyday

For starters, weighing yourself consistently and thinking
you're overweight is not the criteria for being obese. Being
obese simply means an excess proportion of fat in the body.
Lack of exercise and bad eating habits are one of the
factors that can lead to obesity. With this kind of
lifestyle, when a person's body starts to slow down in
burning calories the outcome would definitely lead to being

Most common perception for most of us is excess fat is usual
for those experiencing the condition. What we don't know is
there can be underlying health conditions such as diabetes,
and we just tend to accept it simply or easily say no to any
help offered. The extra flab results in the weight being
enforced on the joints and muscles and causes laziness and
on a serious note, arthritis.

The extra flab results in the weight being enforced on the
joints and muscles. This causes laziness and, on a serious
note, arthritis.    Obesity is known to trigger diabetes 2
in humans, which is a prominent rise in blood sugar levels
and if overlooked may result in blindness, strokes or even
heart attacks. Fat deposits that cluster around your heart
tamper the flow of oxygen and in return can lead to
congestive heart failure, wherein your body can't meet the
blood circulation demands and is yet another attribute of
being overweight.  Medical science claims that certain
cancers are initiated due to chubbiness and include breast,
colon and eudiometrical.

As you may have noticed, plumpness is a sensitive subject
and the symptoms must not be neglected under any
circumstances, but should be looked at by a physician or
specialist at the earliest. Excess cellulite increases the
chances of forming gallstones, which are fine stone deposits
that cause excruciating pain in the lower abdomen of the
body. In some cases, the gall bladder seems to swell and is
unable to function at its best.

Too much fat in the body can lead to other medical
conditions, this include complications in the reproductive
system and gout. The effect of plumpness is not only seen in
adults, but a significant number of children too. According
to the National Examination survey, childhood obesity has
nearly tripled since the 80's and affects 17% of children
aged 2-19 years. Ways in reducing excess fats is entirely
different for children and adults, while incorporating
healthy food in the diet can be one of the best approach.

Children don't always react to sudden changes and most
pediatricians recommend making their current foods
healthier. For example, substituting cow's milk with soymilk
in a smoothie or ground beef with vegetables, when making
tacos can definitely help adolescents get acquainted with a
healthy diet.

Obesity can be brought under control with some common
exercises and it is best to determine the causes, before you
render any treatments.

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