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Good Things Come To Those Who Peel-The Health Benefits Of Oranges

posted 22 Dec 2010, 06:25 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Dec 2010, 06:28 ]

Oranges. They're a pain to peel. To separate fruit from rind,
you must dig your fingers deep inside an orange, exposing
your skin to its sticky, acidic juices. If you have a paper
cut, dry skin, torn cuticles, or even a hang nail, peeling
an orange can burn. But which is worse: the temporary sting
of orange juice on your skin, or the long-term havoc that
cancer, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease can
wreak on your entire body?

Let the Orange Out of the Bag!

Behind an orange's simple exterior is a gold mine of
vitamins and antioxidants that keep you healthy and
beautiful. Studies show that if you are willing to get your
hands a little sticky for the love of oranges, eating this
fruit each day may indeed keep the doctor away.

Fight Cancer With Flavonoids and Limonoids:

Oranges contain cancer-fighting substances called flavonoids
and limonoids. Research from the Journal of Nutritional
Biochemistry indicates that a flavonoid called "naringenin"
can inhibit tumor growth by repairing damaged DNA. The
Agricultural Research Service (sponsored by the USDA) states
that a limonoid called "limonen" helps combat at least six
different types of cancer, including cancer of the colon and

Pectin Makes the Heart Grow Stronger:

The fiber-rich pectin found in oranges can improve
cholesterol levels and, in turn, promote cardiovascular
health. Subjects in a study reported by the American Journal
of Clinical Nutrition experienced a 20% increase in HDL (the
good cholesterol) when they drank 750 ml (roughly 3 cups) of
orange juice per day.

Orange Before Beauty:

According to data compiled by the National Health and
Nutrition Examination Survey, consuming oranges can slow
your skin's aging process. The high level of vitamin C in
oranges boosts collagen production and deters the formation
of wrinkles. Linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid found in
oranges, helps prevent mature skin from over-drying.

An Orange in the Hand Means Less Fat on the Tush:

With approximately 60 calories and virtually no fat, oranges
are a body-wise alternative to the sugar-laden cookies,
donuts, and candy so many of us crave. Trade in your
high-fat, high-calorie junk food for a low-fat,
high-nutrient orange each day and watch the extra pounds
melt away!

If the Flu Hits, Scare It!

Why do so many people reach for a glass of OJ when they come
down with a cold or the flu? Although oranges possess no
specific anti-cold/anti-flu properties, consuming the fruit
does strengthen your immune system via all of the nutrients
mentioned above. A strong immune system gives you a fighting
chance at good health when cold and flu season strikes.

Blessed Be This Fruit and Its Rind:

All parts of the orange—the juicy fruit, the fibrous
pulp, even the hard-to-peel rind—offer significant
health benefits to those who eat them. The CDC recommends
you consume at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per
day. Don't let a silly old orange peel stand between you and
good health; dig into an orange today and reap the many
benefits of this miracle fruit!

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