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Taking a Stand Against Heart Disease

posted 30 Oct 2010, 11:04 by Sam Mbale

The number one cause of the death in the United States is
from cardiovascular disorders. It is not just a problem for
men. It is the number one cause of death in women, too.
There are things that you can do to take a stand against
heart disease. Here are some things to consider.

Eat better

This is often said, but the right diet can make a big
difference. The wrong diet can be lethal. You do not have to
avoid all of your favorite foods. That may be too difficult.
Make an effort to eat better. Incorporate more fresh fruits
and vegetables in your daily diet. Fresh fruits and
vegetables can have a positive effect on your entire
cardiovascular system. You can lower blood cholesterol, this

You do not have to give up fat. Substitute good fats for bad
fats. Try to avoid saturated fats, if you can. Do not eat
fast foods on a regular basis. If you do, make healthy
choices. You can buy salads and other meat like fish, for
example. The fast food industry is becoming more aware of
proper nutrition. They are offering more and more, better
choices. However, it is still up to you to make those

Think of your kids

Someone has to set an example for the kids. This is true if
your kids are grown. Do you want to spend quality time with
your grandchildren? You need to take steps to ensure that
you will be there to spoil them. Grandparents are an
important part of children lives. Do not deprive them of the


You do not have to join a fitness club. You will not have to
enter important marathons. Get out and walk more often. You
will do your entire system a great deal of good. There is a
reason that they call walking a cardiovascular exercise.
Exercise can help to increase your good cholesterol. If you
do not want to walk outside, buy an inexpensive treadmill.
After you buy the equipment, you have to use it. It is not
for throwing clothing items on. Keep it uncovered and use it
regularly. Put it in front of the television. The time will
pass much quicker this way.


If you cannot eat fish regularly, take fish oil supplements.
Omega3 fatty acids are important to cardiovascular health.
Does fish oil bother you? Take flax seed oil. There are many
good supplements that you can take. But they cannot work on
their own. You need to help them.

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