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Symptoms Of Cancer And How Detecting Them Early Can Help

posted 15 Oct 2010, 03:28 by Mpelembe

Every year, more and more people are dying due to cancer.
Whether it is a malignant kidney cancer New York or sarcoma
New York, the fact is cancer must be attended to as soon as
possible. The faster cancer is attended to; there will be a
better chance of controlling it before it spreads throughout
the body. The importance of this is because there is still no
cure developed for cancer itself. There are over one hundred
different types of cancer already, and with this number, how
can one determine if they are at risk for cancer?

With regards to its signs, cancer often does not have any
specific symptoms. This is why it is recommended that people
should limit their own risk factors and go through a proper
cancer screening process. Most of these cancer screening
procedures are specific to a certain age group though. In
order to know what type of screening to perform on an
individual, it is the role of a primary care doctor to
determine according to the age of the patient.

On the other hand, people who have a risk factor for cancer
need to be evaluated regularly. These people include
smokers, those exposed to the sun, heavy alcohol drinkers
and even people who have lost family members through cancer.
If you are among these people, it is important that you are
aware of how dangerous cancer symptoms are. The moment any
of these symptoms start developing, it is recommended to
seek the help of a physician. Your physician will recommend
that you have cancer screenings more often if you have
family members who have had cancer.

But luckily, there are some symptoms which have often been
associated with cancer. By knowing what these symptoms are,
they can help act as a warning that there is something
happening. As such, it can be helpful for an early diagnosis
and find a way to cure the condition. Some of these common
symptoms include:

* Persistent cough or saliva that has a few drops of blood

* Change in bowel habits

* Blood found in the stool

* Unexplained anemia

* Breast discharge or lump

* Lump found in testicles

* Change in urine

* Blood found in urine

* Hoarseness

* Swollen glands or persistent lumps

* An obvious change in a mole or a wart

* Difficulty swallowing or indigestion

* Unusual vaginal discharge or bleeding

* Unexpected weight loss, fever, night sweats

* Continual itching on either the genital or anal area

* Non healing sores

* Back pain, pelvic pain, indigestion or bloating

* Headaches

Always keep in mind that cancer is more curable once it has
been detected early. However, there are some cancers that
completely develop without the occurrence of any symptoms.
At the same time, the symptoms mentioned above might already
be normal to some people. Once these are taken for granted,
the cancer can grow and become malignant. For this, it will
be difficult to treat. The cancer will be causing a
devastating result and it will be too late to cure. As such,
it is best to get examined by a physician once any of these
symptoms start occurring.

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