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Different Cancers And Tumors

posted 12 Dec 2010, 06:34 by Mpelembe   [ updated 12 Dec 2010, 06:35 ]

There are many different kinds of cancers and tumors and even
tumors that are not associated with cancer. Cancer is a scary
thing and unfortunately many people are diagnosed with it
every day. There is hope in certain cases, however. This is
good news because years ago, there was no cure at all.
Although researchers and doctors have not found a specific
cure, there are medicines one can take that may fight the
cancer. Prostate cancer does not have a specific cure and
acoustic neuroma is not actually cancer, it is a tumor that
forms between the ear and the brain. This can cause ringing
in the ears as well as dizziness.

When one has a tumor in the nerves surrounding their ear, it
can be hard to detect. It develops very slowly and one may
think they just have constant ringing in their ears and not
think anything of it. If you are feeling very dizzy and have
ringing in your ears, it may be a good idea to go to the
doctor to just check it out. There may not be a problem at
all but it never hurts to check it out. Going to an ear
doctor is not something that people do on a regular basis
unless they have an already existing problem. Unless you do
this, you may not know for a while because the symptoms can
be subtle.

There may be other reasons why you are dizzy and it might
not be anything to worry about. This kind of tumor is not
something to freak out about anyway since it is not
cancerous. You can take medicines that your doctor may
recommend to control the dizziness. Certain things like
caffeine can actaully increase dizziness so avoiding that
may help.

To get rid of this kind of tumor, surgery is necessary as
well as radiation therapy. After the surgery however, a lot
of people notice that they get headaches. This is because,
depending on how long you have had the tumor, after you have
been used to being dizzy all the time, it is different when
you no longer have that symptom. Ears have a lot to do with
the equilibrium in your body and when something is not
right, then it messes the balance of your entire body. Once
you get used to having the tumor and being dizzy all the
time, it can cause you to feel different once the problem is
fixed. Fortunately, once you get used to it, the headaches
will go away.

There are worse problems that you could have. The tumors
that are cancerous are a lot harder to get rid of and if
they cannot be fully removed, they will only grow and
unfortunately, that can be fatal. Although it may cause a
lot of discomfort, do not worry too much because there are
cures and it will get better. It is not something that is
fatal so if you do not get it taken care of right away it
will not be a terrible thing.

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