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China Breaks Record For World's Thinnest Condom

posted 20 Feb 2014, 08:38 by Mpelembe   [ updated 20 Feb 2014, 08:38 ]

A Hong Kong-funded firm breaks the World Guinness Record for the thinnest condom on February 20, 2014.

 HONG KONG, CHINA (FEBRUARY 20, 2014) (REUTERS) -  China broke the record for the world's thinnest condom when a Hong Kong-funded brand announced its latex rubber condom measuring at 0.036 millimetres on February 20.

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The ultra-thin contraceptive tool is 0.002 millimetres thinner than the last iteration by Japanese maker Okamoto Industries which debuted a 0.038 millimetre-thick condom in early 2012.

"As long as there is demand for thinner, lighter condoms we will continue researching," Victor Chan, managing director of Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products, said. "Maybe one day we will have 0.02 mm and 0.01 mm thinness, who knows?"

The race for the thinnest condom may raise safety concerns, but Chan said the company has conducted countless stress tests on the product over a period of nine months.

"Safety is always a concern," Chan said. "But I can assure you the product is very safe as all (stress) tests were carried out by third-party laboratories. Guinness puts out a very stringent requirement when contestants attempt the record."

The condoms' retail price puts them at RMB 100 (9.9pounds;USD 16.4) for a box of 12 condoms.

Charles Wharton, records manager of greater China for Guinness World Records, attributes Asian companies competing to make the world's thinnest condom to the advanced technology in the region.

"A lot of the technology is very advanced now in Asia, especially in Japan and China," Wharton said. "Companies are competing not just across the condom industry but also across a wide range of industries."

But some Hong Kong residents are skeptical of the product. Mary Ann Chan, a 33-year-old business owner said: "I won't use the world's thinnest condom. I don't think the feeling is good. Some of my friends have told me they have tried (similar products) and they are not satisfied."

The AONI ultra-thin 001 natural rubber latex condom, which was announced as the world's thinnest condom on February 20, 2014, was verified on 2 December 2013.