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British Mum Breaks Spain's Record For Biggest Baby Born Naturally

posted 8 Aug 2013, 04:57 by Mpelembe   [ updated 8 Aug 2013, 04:58 ]

Briton Maxine Marin delivers a 6.20 kg baby girl setting a new record in Spain for the biggest baby born naturally.

 DENIA, SPAIN (AUGUST 7, 2013) (FORTA) -  A British woman has given birth to a 6.2 kg baby girl setting a new record for the biggest baby born naturally in Spain, Denia Hospital in Alicante informed on Wednesday (August 7).

Maxine Marin, 40, gave birth to Maria Lorena Marin, who weighs twice as much as the average baby, at 4:43am of Wednesday morning. The mother did not require an epidural and had a starightforward birth.

Maxine said at the 41 weeks she knew she was having a big baby, but had no idea Maria would be as big as she is, Spanish daily El Mundo sreported. Her other children weighed over four kilos, she added.