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Asthma Research

posted 14 Sept 2010, 08:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 14 Sept 2010, 09:23 ]

The most difficult things is to watch your child suffering an
asthma attack and the feeling of helplessness that you have
when this happens. Thanks to on going asthma research, it is
now possible to relieve, if not to completely eliminate,
those late-night asthma attacks.

Asthma attacks can be caused by many things: allergies,
exercise, emotional stress, or cold weather. As the causes
vary, so also does the possible severity of an attack.

A lot of children and adults get attacks in the middle of
the night. It can put the fear of death into the child and
also the parent.

Not being able to breathe is one of the most unpleasant
sensations a person can experience. Imagine yourself in the
shoes of a single mom with an asthmatic child.

Nebulizers sit by the bedside, pills are in the medicine
cabinet, inhalers are in his school backpack, and you feel
you are ready for anything that may come along.

Repetitive asthma attacks in the middle of the night are
still alarming, but have happened so often that you feel as
if you can, in any case, respond effectively.

Then what should never happen does happen. This single mom
goes into the room of her only child to wake him for school.
She soon realizes that she cannot awaken him.

It has gone beyond the "normal" severe asthma attack and the
child has died. This is a tragedy that should never occur.

Thanks to asthma research, it is happening less often.
Avenues of research are increasing. Cincinnati Children's
Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and
several other hospitals in the US and in Europe are among
the many organizations continuously trying to lessen the
risk of death and Emergency Room visits for asthma patients
both young and old.

Educating one self to some of the newer techniques that are
available will help you and your child to live a fuller life
for a much longer time.

Young boys and girls can get involved in the sports
activities which are available in their schools or as after
school enjoyment.

They can go out into the fresh air without having to be
afraid of a particular flower or shrub.

Many people have allergic reactions to the family cat or
dog. This can result in the family  having to send a beloved
pet to a shelter.

Most or all of these difficulties can to a large degree be
remedied by doing internet searches and learning about some
of the newer techniques that have come about due to asthma

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